FlexGun™ Projection Welding

CenterLine’s projection welding FlexGun™ weld guns are suitable for nearly any fastener welding need in three basic style categories: Bench Type, C Type Inline and C Type 90°.

The bench style guns are expressly designed for fastener welding and can be customized for a variety of integration needs. The Inline and 90° designs can be configured as either fastener welding or straight resistance welding guns enabling users to reduce the number of gun styles for programs that require both straight welding and fastener welding needs. 

All packages can be fitted with either MFDC or AC transformers. Due to the unique application needs of projection welding, CenterLine has designed this group of welding guns to function using low impact closure to eliminate potential damage to projections from conventional air cylinders. The CenterLine FX air cylinders and the air/oil OHMA™ intensifier cylinders are used with these ™ weld gun packages. 

Common features of all projection welding guns include:

  • Weld force ranges between 500 – 4000 lbs
  • High electrical efficiency – minimal secondary connections
  • Soft-touch operation extends gun and electrode life and improves weld quality. 
  • Weld force maintenance throughout the weld cycle to improve weld and part quality
  • Minimal deflection to prevent offset weld forces 
  • Small bore actuators reduce air consumption
  • Easy access to all gun components for service and maintenance needs

Optional Components

Aktuelle Meldungen
FlexGun™ Ultra und Ultra HCFlexGun™ Ultra und Ultra HC

Aktuelle Meldungen
FlexGun™ Ultra und Ultra HCFlexGun™ Ultra und Ultra HC